Contract Work

What is Contract Embroidery?

We work closely with local sporting goods, screenprinting, and marketing companies to provide excellent embroidery services for their customers. We're able to embroider all your corporate apparel, promotional apparel, customer gifts, uniforms and more.  We also take small quantity orders that other embroidery companies will not take. 

Competitive Pricing

We offer extremely competitive contract pricing.  Our prices are broken down by quantity and stitch count of the design.  A complete list of of our pricing can be found here.  We also offer great pricing for logo digitization.  Digitizing is an important part of what we do.  Before any design can be embroidered, it needs to be converted into a format that is readable by our embroidery machine.  If you already have an embroidery file we can probably use that.  If not, please contact use for a quote for your logo or design. 

Quick Turn Around

The easiest way for us to get your items is for you to ship them or have them directly drop shipped to us.  Once we receive your items, it normally takes about a week to complete the order.  We ship completed orders back to you using USPS or UPS.  If you have a quick deadline that you need to meet, let us know and we can try to help you with that as best as we can. 

Contract Ordering

If you'd like more information or you'd like to place a contract embroidery order, please contact us at 513-202-0293.  Or send us an email at